All your questions answered in one place (hopefully)

Some answers to common questions that you might have.

Q. Who has done this website?

A guy in love with this game that started playing in ’93 and is still in love with vintage cards. I have added some information here: about me. If you want to know more, this is my personal webpage. Here you will find my blog on wind energy. Finally, here is my contact on Linkedin

Q. May I have some feedback on you?

Sure – please have a look at my eBay feedback for Magic the Gathering and Yu Gi Oh cards.

Q. I’d like to talk you, is it possible?

Obviously yes. Please send me an email and we will organize a call.

Q. Do you buy MTG cards?

Maybe. Please contact me if you want to sell old cards collection, duals, P9, etc.

Q. Which cards are you looking for?

Basically from Alpha to Legends.

Q. Can we meet in person?

Yes. However please note that usually my agenda is quite full so it can be difficult to find a slot. I’m currently based in Hamburg, Germany and sometime I am in Rome, Italy.

Q. How do you ship the cards?

I normally ship from Germany or Italy using Registered or Insured Mail. If the card is expensive I will use services such as FedEx, DHL, etc.

Q. Can we trade (exchange) cards?

Sure, you can send me a proposal. Please get in touch with me.

Q. Do you have a list of the cards available?

No. It change frequently as I buy and sell daily.

Q.Do you collect only MTG?

Yes. Only good old MTG cards. Lately I have started with Yu Gi Oh.